What is Construction Project?

Construction project management is the oil that keeps a a construction project moving easily, and the magic that binds the equalities with a typical objective. The achievement of a building or site construction project, huge or little, is acknowledged with the accompanying fundamental components:

  • An owner with clear expectations; Clear, detailed drawings and unambiguous specifications for construction prepared by an experienced professional.
  • A per-qualified, experienced contractor.
  • A well written construction contract. The construction project manager encourages the movement of these components to achieve the objective of the completed project.

Why the construction project management is most important?

Project management as a management discipline underpins much economic activity. In industries as diverse as pharmaceuticals, software and aerospace, projects drive business. And in the public sector, it is effective project management that translates politicians' promises of new roads, schools and hospitals into gleaming new constructions that improve everyday life.

So you'd imagine that it would be possible to place some sort of figure on the importance of project management to the UK economy. How much GDP does it drive? In which sectors of the economy? And as the economy evolves, how fast is project management's prominence increasing!