The extension workers from government and non-governmental organizations and projects of the selected sites in each collaborating countries will be provided the training of trainers on extension approaches/techniques and technologies that MEKARN2 program will be introduced. After the trainings, they will become the core trainers who will organize trainings for the target communities. Field visits inside the countries or in any collaborating countries will be organized for extension to expose to particular technology of the interest.

The field-based outputs and best practices will be presented to extension workers and technical staff in the agricultural sector. The key subjects of the training proposed for the MEKARN2 program will include the use of biochar in the mixed farming systems, reduction of environmental pollution, the use of renewable energy and management and better use of local feed and animal genetic resources and the use of alternatives to anti-microbial drugs as feed additives in livestock and aquaculture.

The training and extension activities will be implemented during the period of the program. The training of the extension workers will start at the beginning of the program implementation as MEKARN2 will use them as the trainers for the farm family training later on. The extension workers will be trained by persons with experienced in the selected subjects and by persons with experience in the farmer field school approach.

The Farmer Field School approaches and techniques will be used for the communities training. The number of farm families per training course will be 25-30. In each site of the training course and according to the relevant technologies, a minimum of 3 demonstrations will be established and used for the training purpose. At least 30% of women will be encouraged for the participation in the training.

It is obvious that researchers require new knowledge that will serve to motivate them to work in the right direction to mitigate and adapt to climate change and to help communities to rise out of the poverty trap. The training will focus on the strategy and direction which are proposed under the activities of the MEKARN2 program. Experienced senior scientists and third world development experts will be invited to share their experience.